Two Things: Spoelstra and Small Businesses

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First, Spoelstra:  He has a lot to learn from Riley about how a coach is supposed to bring out the best from his players.  Much like business owners and managers… IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT EXECUTION!  If it were only about that, the Heat would have won handedly.  No, beyond execution there must be inspiration.  Meaning.  Purpose.  The Mavs weren’t necessarily better than the Heat, they were better at gelling as a team.  They were better at rallying all of their combined resources into the communal pot.  In the process they were professional and highly effective while Wade and James fained a sickness to mock Nowitzki.  Stupid.  The Heat were outplayed, out-coached, out-everything.  Congratulations, Mavs.  You earned it.

Now to business:  We must focus on small businesses if we are to truly experience a recovery.  Otherwise the forecasts are… not so good.


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