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I had lunch this week of a friend of mine who works for the largest bank in Europe – larger than BBA and Santander combined with over 100,000 employees…  Anyway, he has three business cards: one for Florida, one for Central America, and one for the Caribbean.

What a waste of paper, I thought to myself, so I asked him, “Why don’t you just consolidate and list your three regions onto one card?”  His response blew me away, “Because we want each person in their respective region to know that we are focused on them.  Each region, and each person, gets my undivided attention – not my attention divided by three – so company policy dictates that I need to have three business cards.”

Isn’t it interesting how such a large, global institution would place so much emphasis on the personal attention to detail that it would go out of its way to print three business cards?
Clearly the challenge lies in actually delivering that personalized service at such a micro level lest they risk falling into that boiling caldron of falsehoods and nifty slogans which no longer fly in this cynical post Great Recession era.  But by all accounts, my understanding is that this behemoth backs it up.  I’ve only heard good things – and from different sources.

I don’t need to name names – you can figure out who’s who…  Just consider that if one of the big jungs finds it important enough to focus so intently on their relationship with each individual client, then so should you.  But remember, this organizational value, this level of commitment to the customer, is subject to gravity: it absolutely must trickle down from the top.  You can have an immediate impact on your customers and on your bottom line if you focus on, and guide your organization toward, such personalized service.

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