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Unlocking the Secrets of the Richest Profession in the World

It is said that sales is the richest profession in the world. Yet research shows that the “typical” sales person earns below the median household income in the United States. Why do a handful of sales professionals succeed while the great majority drown in a pool of mediocrity? Manny García-Tuñón shares the keys that will unlock the secrets to succeeding in the richest profession in the world.

Willingness Strengthens Ability

Traditional sales programs center around an individual’s “ability” to generate leads, secure appointments, and track activity. Other programs deal with the “ability” to understand and manage one’s emotions and the emotions of others. While these aspects of sales training are certainly important, they lack instruction on how to develop strong and lasting relationships with clients. Ultimate Success in Sales™ goes beyond traditional sales models and enhances “ability” with “willingness”.

Your Sales Team Will Learn How to:

  • Open doors and close deals! Securing appointments and asking for the order.

  • Turn prospects into customers, and customers into clients.

  • Build competition-proof relationships.

  • Boost production by implanting the three R’s of Sales: Repeat, Referred and Residual.

  • Develop a personal ideology grounded in Purpose to meet your clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

  • Effectively create an identity which stems from your organization’s existing corporate values.

  • Embrace the changes necessary to effectively move beyond your comfort zones toward ultimate success in sales!