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Bringing Passion and Meaning to Work

The Veronica Factor™ is one of the most compelling concepts making its way through Corporate America as businesses of every shape and size are tapping in to the unlimited power each member of their team has to connect with one another and their customers. Through the valuable lessons imparted by The Veronica Factor™, Manny García-Tuñón helps each team member, from the executive to the receptionist, discover the true source of passion and meaning in what they do at work – day in and day out. It’s time to break through the autonomy and the mediocrity. It’s time to take implementation and execution to a whole new level. It’s time for Corporate America to get back to what business is really all about: Connecting.

Who is Veronica?

Veronica is one of the most successful individuals in her trade – though you’ve probably never heard of her. In fact, you might be surprised to learn what she does for a living. Yet her philosophy on work and her approach toward customer service will not only inspire but challenge people in business to take a hard look at how they connect with their team and their customers. Manny García-Tuñón has personally adopted and incorporated Veronica’s valuable lessons in his own business, and the results have far exceeded all expectations. Experience for yourself why The Veronica Factor™has the power to transform entire organizations from the inside out.

It’s About Breaking Through!

  • Breaking through the misconceptions: Understanding the true meaning of “ULTIMATE SUCCESS”. (Do we still believe the tired, old myth that success is measured in dollars?)

  • Breaking through the mediocrity: No one is called to be average!

  • Breaking through the autonomy: Learn why YOU can make a difference!

It’s About Answering The Call To Excellence!

  • Learn how to look beyond the task toward the opportunities.

  • The power of Decisions! Learn how to truly transform your life.

  • Implementing “THE ONE-THING RULE” – Learning how to be excellent every day!

It’s All About Connecting!

  • Connecting with your company’s purpose – Why you even exists.

  • Connecting with your team – The better you connect with your team, the better your team will perform.

  • Connecting with your customers – the better you connect with your customers, the more of them you will have. That’s good business! That’s the bottom line.