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The Executive Retreat is Manny García-Tuñón’s signature program designed exclusively for executives who desire to transform their organizations from their current level of success into purpose-centered cultures of Ultimate Success. Manny defines Ultimate Success as living life to the fullest. Every organization has the potential to achieve Ultimate Success when it lives its purpose more fully – when every member of the team shares a common understanding of how their actions at work affect not only the organization as a whole, but the lives of their customers through their product and service. The key to any organization’s success lies in its ability to create value. The more fully the organization lives its purpose, the more value it can create, and the more successful it will be. The question that every member at the executive level must answer is, “Why you even exist”.

Manny García-Tuñón leads executives on a journey of discovery that begins with an inward search of self-reflection and ends with the framework for a corporate culture centered around Purpose – the organizations very reason for being.

  • Strategic planning sessions provide the context for execution and implementation of the company’s Core Ideology both internally and externally.

  • The Core Ideology is examined in light of the organization’s Core Reality (what you do) and Core Competencies (what you’re good at).

  • Like the Core Ideology itself, strategies for implementing the core are unique to each organization and, therefore, must be described.

  • Management practices are analyzed as managers in a Purpose-centered organization must become proactive and customer-oriented fostering innovations that improve customer satisfaction.

  • Employee empowerment, performance appraisal, reward and recognition systems are reviewed in order to achieve real cultural change and reinforce customer-oriented quality improvement.

  • Establishing Critical Success Factors:

    • Obtaining “Buy-in” / Engagement at every level of the organization.

    • Communication and Process flow.

Please contact us for more information on having Manny García-Tuñón conduct The Executive Retreat for the executives in your organization.

  •  The Executive Retreat is a two-night, three-day program.

  • Site location and lead times vary based on scheduling and availability.