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Reviving the Passion for Teaching

Called To Teach™ is a comprehensive, one-day workshop developed for school districts who want to inspire their teachers and administrators to reconnect with their passion for teaching. This energetic program was created by Manny together with his wife, Helin, a veteran school teacher, and Dr. Gil Lopez, noted school psychologist with thirty years experience in one of the largest school districts in the country.

Called To Teach™ provides practical tools for inspired teaching. Learn how to:

  • Triumph over the dreaded Three P’s that every teacher must face: Paperwork, Procedures, and Parents.

  • Define your personal teaching style.

  • Set personal and professional goals.

  • Develop strategies for improving your connecting skills – connecting with students, administrators, and parents.

  • Maximize your planning time – creating fresh, new lesson plans every time.

  • Rekindle the fire down the stretch – How to bring passion and meaning to your classroom. Remember, you’re called to teach!

Miami Dade County Public Schools

“Manny García-Tuñón delivered a powerful speech with a clear and concise message. He spoke about the importance of having passion and purpose in what we do in life. He shared anecdotes that brought to life the profound impact we, as educators, have on children’s lives. His words were encouraging and though-provoking as he asked us to reflect on our true calling. He also challenged us to establish personal as well as professional goals for ourselves.

“Manny’s message was inspirational and his delivery was outstanding. He captivated the audience in a very special way and brought out people’s emotions. I truly feel that he helped revive our teachers’ passion for teaching. His words helped us set the tone for a great beginning to what we anticipate will be a successful school year.”

Ana M. Rasco, Ed.D.