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The cover story in the May issue of Hispanic Business Magazine, Growing Hispanic Presence, provides an excellent summary of the 2010 census while tracking demographic trends.  From population growth in the unlikeliest of places to the one trillion dollars in purchasing power the numbers are staggering.  But perhaps the most impressive tidbit can be summed up in the article’s subtitle: ”More youthful population poised to have greater influence in all segments of American society.”  And according to Mark Hugo Lopez of the Pew Hispanic Center, in the last decade, “more population growth among Hispanics came from native-born births as opposed to new immigration.”

Now they’re talking about me and my generation.  First generation born in the US.  Completely bi-cultural and bilingual, yet with English as our first language.  What a powerful demographic sector!  It’s impossible for me to list all the ways this generation of mine will influence American society – you have to simply spend some time contemplating it yourself – but you can imagine how the doors to furthering market reach, exponentially, can be kicked wide open.  As Corporate America continues its attempt to reach the growing Hispanic demographic, who better to represent than this new generation?  As the growing Hispanic demographic strives to assimilate in the US, who better to lead the way than this new generation.  Regardless of the industry you’re in, this information can have a positive affect on your business.  The opportunities for creating value are endless.  Think about it…  Before you do, though, I recommend you read the article.

More to come…

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