Making The Case For “Family-Centric” Hispanic Marketing

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A recent article about Laguna Beach, CA-based, Specialized Promotions Network (SPN) highlights the increasing importance of marketing to Hispanics – with an excellent reference to creating “meaningful engagements” through “family-centric” events allowing your brand to be part of a “passionate experience.”

There’s no question that the key to establishing long-term, meaningful relationships depends on our ability to connect with others – on a personal level.  In business, unfortunately, that connection has been relegated to distant “corporate” relationships focused on brands penetrating market sectors.  Hispanic culture teaches us that even corporate relationships can be personal, that brands can be personal, because the Hispanic market sectors are networks of real people who share strong and meaningful cultural bonds.  But it has to be real.  Corporations must understand how they truly and meaningfully connect with Hispanics on an individual level and focus on creating meaningful experiences there.  For those brands that become part of Hispanic culture in a real and personal way, the reward is a level of brand loyalty that Hispanics are well known for.

Meaningful engagements.  Passionate experiences.  Family-centric events.  SPN nailed it.


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