Despite Improving Economy, Small Business Owners Still Looking For Recovery

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Interesting research by the Discover Small Business Watch Index tracking March Confidence Indicators.

Here’s the bottom line folks, we’re still in the trenches.  It’s tiring, I know.  We’ve been at it a long time, but most of us in the small business world have to continue to fight to get out of the hole.  That means that everyone in the organization is responsible for increasing revenue (read: sales), and lowering costs.

No matter what you do, there’s probably a way to do it better and more efficiently.  Find it and implement it.  Quantify the cost savings.  Track your progress.  Share what you’ve learned with others.  Efficiency can be contagious – and your responsible for spreading it.

As for increasing revenue, know this: We’re all in sales.  Period.  Whether you’re the receptionist or the CEO, you can have a direct impact on sales.  Every point of contact, every opportunity to connect, is a potential sale or referral.  Do not misunderstand me – there’s a right way and there’s a wrong way to go about this.  I’m certainly not suggesting you turn in to that obnoxious salesperson you try to avoid at every party and weekend social function.  I’m talking about building relationships.  Understanding possible connections between the people you come across and your business – the products or services your company offers.  Our Director of Marketing and Communications identified a potential client while having a cigar on a Friday night with friends.  Nothing pushy or inappropriate – just a connection.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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