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Juan Tamayo’s excellent article in today’s El Nuevo Herald reminds us all of how oppressive a government can be toward its people.

It’s been happening for more than 50 years in Cuba, and it continues to this very day – make no mistake about it.  Maybe that’s why we’ve become somewhat anesthetized to the topic of Cuba’s human rights violations; we’ve been hearing about it for so long that it’s faded into the background of our emotional perception like a sort of white noise we come to accept.  I
also understand that, at times, we take the issue for granted because we live in the greatest nation on earth, and regardless of how we might feel about our government at any given point in time, we are still truly free.  But the Cuban people are simply not free.

I also understand that, unless we have personally lived through it, as my parents and grandparents have (I have not… thankfully), we will never truly understand.  But we can appreciate.  That’s what Bono and U2 reminded us during their (kick ass) concert at Sun Life Stadium in Miami last week.  As reported by Juan Tamayo in the attached article, “one week after rock icon Bono honored him during a U2 concert in Miami, Cuban dissident Oscar Elias Biscet has been ordered by police to check in once a month.”  Bono praised the 49 year old doctor during the concert with a request to the 73,000 in attendance:  “We’d like to do something we’ve never done before,” Bono declared as he urged the audience to hold up their hands. “A beautiful man, a doctor who spent time in the prisons of Cuba. He was released. His name is Doctor Biscet.  I want you to hold him up and let everyone in Cuba know he is special to us and we are watching, we are watching,” he added.  “Hold him in your thoughts. Hold him in your prayers.” Tamayo’s excellent reporting, and this subsequent article, tells the rest of the story.

As you read the article, I ask you to join me in thanking Bono and U2 for bringing this issue of Cuba’s blatant human rights violations to international prominence – and for doing it so beautifully.  Join me in congratulating Tamayo for his excellent work.  Join me in a commitment to appreciate what’s going on, and to never forget.

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