Generar Capital Para Su Negocio

Si desea generar capital para su negocio, hacer su tarea de investigación previa puede rendirle grandes dividendos. Aprenda cómo obtener capital para su negocio.

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Plan De Negocios

Resumen Ejecutivo

El Resumen Ejecutivo es un sumario de una a dos páginas que explica los fundamentos de su negocio. Cubre lo básico, como:

  • quiénes son sus clientes
  • qué productos o servicios provee
  • qué diferencia existe entre su compañía y la de…

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Making The Case For “Family-Centric” Hispanic Marketing

A recent article about Laguna Beach, CA-based, Specialized Promotions Network (SPN) highlights the increasing importance of marketing to Hispanics – with an excellent reference to creating “meaningful engagements” through “family-centric” events allowing your brand to be part of a “passionate experience.”

There’s no question that the key to…

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Cuban dissident praised by Bono ordered to report to police

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Juan Tamayo’s excellent article in today’s El Nuevo Herald reminds us all of how oppressive a government can be toward its people.

It’s been happening for more than 50 years in Cuba, and it continues to this very day – make no mistake about it.  Maybe that’s why we’ve become…

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Three Business Cards

I had lunch this week of a friend of mine who works for the largest bank in Europe – larger than BBA and Santander combined with over 100,000 employees…  Anyway, he has three business cards: one for Florida, one for Central America, and one for the Caribbean.

What a waste…

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Two Things: Spoelstra and Small Businesses

First, Spoelstra:  He has a lot to learn from Riley about how a coach is supposed to bring out the best from his players.  Much like business owners and managers… IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT EXECUTION!  If it were only about that, the Heat would have won handedly.  No, beyond execution…

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Marketing to Hispanics Evolving… Finally

As expected, the 2010 Cenus is revealing some impressive facts ref Hispanic demographics – which leads to some unexpected conclusions about Hispanic trends…  This article on Marketing to Hispanics shows just how quickly major corporations are reacting to these trends.  Of particular interest to me is the departure (finally) from…

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New Twist To Hispanic Demographic Growth

The cover story in the May issue of Hispanic Business Magazine, Growing Hispanic Presence, provides an excellent summary of the 2010 census while tracking demographic trends.  From population growth in the unlikeliest of places to the one trillion dollars in purchasing power the numbers are staggering.  But perhaps the most…

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Never Stop Growing…

This probably isn’t what you want to hear right now – not in the midst of this global recession, when just hanging on is hard enough to do – but despite the difficulties, when it comes
to business, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.  This may seem like a difficult…

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Despite Improving Economy, Small Business Owners Still Looking For Recovery

Interesting research by the Discover Small Business Watch Index tracking March Confidence Indicators.

Here’s the bottom line folks, we’re still in the trenches.  It’s tiring, I know.  We’ve been at it a long time, but most of us in the small business world have to continue…

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